Affordable Homeschooling Tuition

At ED anywhere, we try to keep our homeschool tuition as affordable as possible. Our homeschool program is a mere fraction of the cost of most private school programs. We offer up to 6 online classes for $300 per month. That is about $10 per day or $1.60 per class per day when you take 6 classes at a time. You can also do a single online class account, that is a $200 discount, for $100 per month or $3.33 per day*.

Tuition summary for distance learners

* Please call us for discount information regarding discounts for families with two or more students.

All students must pay a $250 one time administrative charge that covers setting up the account, transferring credits**, recording fees, licensing fees for using the account and all processing fees.

Prior to taking Senior Classes, all students need the pay graduation dues of $300 for final processing for official transcripts, printing of diploma and recording graduation credits with the state.

ED Anywhere is working hard at providing you the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost in efforts to "Leave No Student Behind." If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free at 1-877-4ED-0805 and send an email to

Tuition related forms and Rate Sheet

I am not sure if I can afford this....

Yes You Can...Let ED Anywhere show you how:

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Special note :

* Student discounts are based on the availability of student scholarship funds and financial aid.

**Administrative charge will only cover the one time transfer of credits. A $65 credit transfer fee will apply if additional credits will need to be transferred in the future.

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