Text Assistance (Text-to-Speech)

Text Assistance for: English As A Second Language (ESL) Students, Students with Learning Disabilities (LD), Speech Disorders, Dyslexia and Visual Impairments.

ED Anywhere now offers Text Assistance (Text-to-Speech) features which can be fully customized to allow users to create new voices by changing speed, and speech parameters. In addition, Text Assistance allows customization of the way it pronounces words, and incorporates features for displaying the text with a magnified font that highlights words as they are spoken. It offers users a simple, easy-to-use interface and installation process and can be used for educational purposes.

In the classroom it can help those learning to read, including those learning English as a second language (ESL). With the word high-light feature, students can easily see and hear the words that are being read. We have found that this helps student to increase reading skills.

Text Assistance is also a valuable tool for people with learning disabilities, speech disorders, dyslexia and visual impairments. Text Assistance is the most comprehensive, general purpose speech-enabling agent for the PC, bringing high quality speech synthesis for reading text aloud from any application. In less than 1 minute our students can use the Text Assistance Service independently. It has a few nice features to let you customize it, but not so many features that it becomes overwhelming. Because it works so well we have provided this feature to all of our students enrolled in our Middle School and High School Classes.

Text Assistance is compatible with any system running Windows 95/98/NT/2000, and is able to read from ASCII text files, word processing documents, e-mails, HTML documents, and more as used in our Middle School and High School Classes.

Text Assistance is an online software service which uses online text to speech to enable our students to listen to the text of a document. Text Assistance makes various document formats viewable in all browsers, even on mobile phone browsers as well as other devices that do not have built in PDF-, Word- or Open Office document viewing capabilities.The Text Assistance is available as listen-icons next to your online published documents. When a document is opened using the Text Assistance Service, the user gets a toolbar with a speech button and a set of additional functionalities.

ED Anywhere offers this a unique service that allows a user to listen to PDFs, and a variety of other document formats in our Middle School and High School Programs. It converts these documents in a web readable format, while preserving the original layout, so that they can be viewed in all types of browsers and devices which otherwise wouldn't be able to do so. It is very intuitive; the user simply clicks on the play button to start enjoying the service.

When the user selects the “Play” button in the toolbar, the full page will be read section by section in the order that has been defined in the document. When the user hovers the mouse pointer over a section of text, the section gets highlighted using a different background color. The user can select if the point-and-click reading should read only the selected paragraph or start where the mouse pointer is located to then read to the end of the document.

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