Student Center

Welcome to the Student Center!
The Student Center is a spot for ED Anywhere students to discuss issues, display creative work and receive recognition for outstanding achievements. Please let us know if you have any items you would like to see posted here or if you have any suggestions for improving the Student Center.

Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

Everyone deserves recognition for a job well done! ED Anywhere pleased to award our students on their Academic Growth, Excellence in Subjects, Creative Writing, Attitude and other qualities.


Which will cost you more, tuition or not getting your high school diploma?

Math Calculators!

Did you know that there are also many other kinds of calculators?

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

This is where we post all kinds of interesting stuff. Check out these areas:


Please click here for the upcoming events that you should be aware of.


Tutoring / Resource Center

A tutoring and learning center assisting students in improving study skills, homework, test preparation and more. Please access the resource section for more information.

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The Presidents

The official Government site "To Learn More About Each President" can be accessed from The official Slideshow of the Presidents can be access from "The Presidents".


Tips for Better Note Taking

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