LCPS: Frequently Asked Questions

Suspension & Tutoring Options for Parents Seal of Approval ED Anywhere High School provides several campus services for Loudoun County Public School students. ED Anywhere’s main campus is located in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Can I graduate early?

ED Anywhere High School allows students to complete work at their own pace. That means that highly motivated students can graduate in less time than it takes for attending Public School. It will take a student who is reading at an 8th grade level and typing 40 words per minute about 120 hours to complete one class. That would be about one class per month. You can finish your high school classes in less than half the time it would take in traditional high school.

What are distance-learning courses?

These are credit courses that are taught to students who are separated by time and/or space from the instructor. Students are able to take classes online.

Who should take ED Anywhere courses?

Our distance-education and on-campus high school are designed for middle and high school students (ages 13 and up) who are:
  • Needing up to two classes for summer school. Once your classes are complete we will send transcript back to Loudoun County Public School (LCPS).
  • Short-term or long-term suspended or expelled students. ED Anywhere is working with Loudoun County Public Schools to reduce dropout, and help Loudoun County Public Schools to make sure we do not Leave No Students Behind. The Office of High School can assist you with tuition assistance should you need their services. You will need to contact them at 571-252-1160. We will need your transcripts in order to assure proper class schedule. We understand that sometime children make some poor choices and consequences are needed in order to curve negative choices. ED Anywhere High School is able to help them make positive choices in the future. ED Anywhere High School provides a safe educational environment.
  • Special Education students needing specialized services. ED Anywhere has licensed special education instructors that are able to provide the best in academic services with the greatest amount of flexibility and accommodations needed to satisfy your child’s (Individualized Educational Plan) IEP.
  • Homeschool students needing seat time or official credits that would go towards an accredited high school diploma.
  • Unable to successfully complete traditional school-based classes or programs.
  • Seeking to earn extra credits or to repeat a failed course.
  • Needing to master basic skills.
  • Choosing to leave school or looking for an option to dropping out of school.
  • Choosing to complete a GED or an accredited High School Diploma Early?
  • In need of additional classes or who need to retake classes for sports or college eligibility.

Submit Application to:?

ED Anywhere Corporate Headquarters
10 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 70
Sterling, Virginia 20165

Phone: (703) 4ED-0805
Fax: (703) 4ED-0378
Toll Free: (877) 4ED-0805

Homeschooling Frequently Asked Questions?

Please click here for the Frequently Asked Questions about STOP program.

School Officials and Counselors nationwide are turning to ED Anywhere

School Officials and Counselors nationwide are turning to ED Anywhere for solutions to their academic needs in summer school, missed courses needed for graduation, homeschool, homebound, special education, alternative school programs, study hall, athletic eligibility, state standardized prep., GED prep. and much more. Call or E-mail us today for a free consultation.

Suspension & Tutoring Options for Parents
Suspension & Tutoring Options for Parents

Eight key components:

An emphasis on building student confidence and competence through personalized interventions by teachers and counselors.
A flexible system which permits students to enter the program at any time of the year.
A unique behavior management system based on individual responsibility and trust.
Instruction that combines direct teaching with computer-enhanced learning. Each student is assigned a workstation with a computer and Internet access.

Assistance in transitioning from school to ED Anywhere and back to base school.
On site counseling services that focus on reducing risk behaviors and on developing personal and social problem-solving strategies.
Tangible results driven by the use of assessments and outcomes.
Updates, progress reports, and consultations are available to parents to help continue student’s success.

Leave No Student Behind

We stand firmly behind our pledge to leave no student behind. We work closely with students and parents to provide creative solutions to challenging cases.

The GOAL of ED Anywhere is to build independent young adults who possess strong academic skills, effective personal and social problem solving techniques, and productive pre-career and workplace skills and values.

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