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Homeschooling Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about homeschooling.

Frequently Asked Questions about STOP program :

Please click here for the Frequently Asked Questions about the Northern Virginia, Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) Summer School On-line Campus program.

What is ED Anywhere?

ED Anywhere is an alternative education program whose primary goal is to help young adults become independent by strengthening their academic, problem-solving, social and pre-career skills and values. ED Anywhere is used by public and private schools nationwide as a resource and value added service to their students needing summer school options, credit recovery classes, or distance learning services. ED Anywhere is also used by public and private child care agencies, homeschoolers, and many other academic environments. ED Anywhere provides students with a middle and high school education, remediation skill building, tutoring, credit recovery programs, summer school options, state standardized test preparations, and much, much more....

How does your program work?

ED Anywhere has an exclusive agreement with Educational Options, Inc. ‡° a technology firm that develops educational online products. This allows us to offer a complete high school (grades 7-12) curriculum over the Internet. Students who are unable to attend traditional high school may study independently at home, school, work, or at on of our centers and receive their high school diploma through us.

What other services does ED Anywhere provide?

ED Anywhere also provides online and onsite services such as:
  • Online Fully Approved in all 50 States, High School and Middle School Courses
  • Earn an Accredited High School Diploma
  • Dual Enrollment (High School/University) Class Opportunity
  • GED Preparation and Official Practice Testing
  • Real Time Report Cards
  • Distance Learning Services
  • Remedial Assessments and Instruction Tutorial Services
  • Self-paced Classes Alternative Education Programs
  • Credit Recovery Programs
  • SOL, SAT, ACT, College Placement and State Standardized Pre-Testing & Preparation Services
  • Vocational Assessments
  • Vocational Preparation/Job Readiness Services
  • Career Planning & Research Services
  • Needs Assessments
  • Positive Choices Groups & Services
  • Mentoring Services
  • Academic Audits
  • Consultation Services For: Alternative Education; Clinical Services; Training or Seminars; Working with Difficult Students; Grants; Computer Lab Setup or Options, Computer or Internet Security; Comprehensive Services; and much, much for details.

What are Distance Learning Courses?

These are credit courses that are taught to students who are separated by time and/or space from the instructor.

Who should take distance learning courses?

Our distance learning program is designed for middle and high school students (ages 13 and up) who are:
  • unable to successfully complete traditional school-based programs
  • have been long-term suspended, expelled, or who have left school
  • seeking to earn extra credits or to repeat a failed course
  • needing to master basic skills
  • home school student seeking an accredited diploma

Is an accredited diploma available through distance learning?

Yes! Our program permits students to earn an accredited diploma - not a GED. In cooperation with Home Study International, your accredited diploma is approved by the nationally recognized Distance Education and Training Council and it is accredited by the Middle States Association for Schools and Colleges.

ED Anywhere has a memorandum of understanding with Home Study International and Griggs University. Students are referred to Home Study International after completing classes listed on their ED Anywhere Program of Study. Students will then receive an accredited High School diploma from Home Study International. Home Study International is accredited by the following:

Home Study International has been recognized or accredited by the following agencies:
  • Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council, a national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. federal government
  • Approved by the Maryland State Department of Education for Kindergarten, Elementary, and High School
  • Member of The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
  • Member of International University Consortium
  • Member of the International Council for Distance Education
  • Member of University Continuing Education Association
  • Member of Adventist Colleges Abroad
  • Accredited by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Member of the American Council on Education

Is your program approved for use in all states?

Yes! The curriculum meets the learning objectives mandated by 50 State Departments of Education and local school systems.

Does my school accept your credits?

You will need to check with you school to see if they will accept credits from us. If they do, we will transfer the credits to them after the course has been completed. If not, we can accept their credits and provide you with an accredited high school diploma. Please check with your school to see if they accept credits from schools recognized by the agencies listing on our Accreditation page. Click Here to view our Accreditation page.

How do I request a transcript?

You may request a transcript by contacting us at:
Toll Free Phone: 1-877-4ED-0805
Email Address:

Mailing Address:
ED Anywhere
10 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 70
Sterling, Virginia 20165

Transcripts and/or Verification of Class Completion will not be forwarded until your account balance is paid in full.

When will my credits be transferred?

As soon as your classes are completed and your account balance is paid in full we will process your transcript request.

What kind of computer equipment do I need?

All that is needed to get started is access to the web and Internet Explorer, the web browser.

Do I need to buy textbooks?

Our program contains a set of online textbooks for each core subject. These textbooks and the accompanying course lessons have been linked to more than 5,000 web sites that can be used for enrichment purposes. Hard cover books are available, please see our Bookstore.

How many credits do I need?

A total of 22 Carnegie units (high school credits) are required to complete your diploma.

I have a full-time job. Will my studies interfere with it?

No. Our high school program is based upon independent study. There are no schedules to meet or classes to attend. Students study at their own pace and time and take their exams when they feel prepared. It is truly education, anytime, anywhere. You will have to take proctored exams to complete your coursework. These exams are administered by our certified teachers.

How long does it take to finish a course?

It takes an average student 120 hours to finish one class. Since the class is self-pace you can determine how much time you want to spend in it and when you will finish. Our classes are also available 24/7, so that you can do your work at anytime. Most of our students tend to finish a class within a month. Keep in mind that all exams will need to be proctored. See guidelines on our website.

What classes are needed for graduation?

Requirements for graduation are as follows:
  • English 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Algebra I, & II
  • Geometry
  • World History
  • American History
  • Geography
  • American Government
  • Art History
  • Earth Science
  • Biology
  • Physics or Chemistry
  • PE (2 credits)
  • Health 1/2
  • Typing I
  • Electives (5.5 credits)
  • 20 hours of Community service.
  • 22 credits are needed in total for graduation.
If you are graduating from us, or if we are transferring your credits to your school, all we will need are the following:
  • Application Forms (Application for Enrollment Form, Transcript Request Form, Financial Form, Consent to Release Information Form)
  • School Transcripts, or written permission from your school as to which classes your child is to take.
  • Tuition for First month.

This sounds too good to be true! Are your programs legitimate? Who approved their use?

It does sound almost unbelievable, doesn't it? We can assure you, however, that the developers of our high school curriculum are recognized by national accrediting agencies. For example, the high school curriculum is fully approved by the Middle States Association for Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Schools and the Distance Education and Training Council, two of the leading accrediting instituitions in the country. The developer of this high school curriculum, Home Study International, is accredited by both of these organizations and has been successfully providing instructional services to students worldwide for more than 90 years. These students will attest to the effectiveness of our curriculum as more than 98% of them are accepted by colleges and universities.

How do I enroll?

If you are enrolled in high school, ask your guidance counselor or principal to contact us on your behalf. If you are not enrolled, we begin by having you submit an application, which needs to be accompanied by a sealed copy of your high school transcript. This can be obtained (at a small cost) from the last high school that you attended. Based upon your prior record, we can then set up a course of study that leads to a high school diploma. Each course in which we will enroll you in is provided over the Internet and you study at your own time and pace. You are given a private security code and personal identification number (PIN) that opens these courses for you.

How many courses may I enroll in at a time?

We ask our high school students to start with just 1 or 2 courses and complete them before taking new courses. The number of subjects that you can enroll in simultaneously is based upon how well you are doing. We want you to complete your courses as quickly as possible and will not hold you back. Many high school students already enrolled in a traditional school program have enrolled in our program so that they can graduate early. It is critical to check with your school to see if they will allow you to do this before enrolling with us. Although our curriculum is approved for use in every state, each school has their own rules regarding acceleration and seat-time requirements.

How long does it take to complete a course?

That's entirely up to you, however most students can complete a one credit subject within 8-12 weeks by working a 2-4 hours each day. Most students can easily achieve 4-6 credits during a school year and 1 or 2 credits during a summer session. An average student can finish a class doing about 120 hours of work.

How do I take exams?

All exams are to be proctored. Proctors need to be 21 years old or older. The proctor can not be a relative or anyone who would be considered a conflict of interest. Please see proctor guidelines at the Miscellaneous Forms page on this website. Proctors will call us when it is time to take an exam and the exam will be turned on. They will call us again and we will turn of the exam.

How much does it cost or what is tuition?

Which will cost you more, tuition or not getting your high school diploma? At ED Anywhere we offer up to 6 online classes for $300 per month. That is about $10 per day or $1.60 per class per day when you take 6 classes at a time. You can also do a single online class account, that is a $200 discount, for $100 per month or $3.33 per day.

Tuition summary for distance learners:
  • Three (3) to Six (6) Class user account = $300 per month
  • Double class user account (two classes) = $200 per month ($100 discount)
  • Single class user account (one class) = $100 per month ($200 discount)

  • (Call us for discount information regarding discounts for families with two or more students.)
  • All students must pay a $200 one time administrative charge that covers setting up the account, transfering credits, recording fees, licencing fees for using the account and all processing fees.
  • ED Anywhere is working hard at providing you the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost in efforts to "Leave No Student Behind." If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free at 1-877-4ED-0805.

What if I want a refund?

You are financially and academically responsible for all classes in which you enroll. If you wish to discontinue high school attendance you must officially withdraw by completing a withdrawal form or e-mailing the administrator regarding withdrawal from classes.

If you decide not to proceed with any course, it is your responsibility to withdraw by providing the documentation to ED Anywhere.

Where is ED Anywhere located?

Our offices and classrooms are located at:
10 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 70
Sterling, Virginia 20165
Google Maps are Here for Directions

How do I begin?

Contact us through e-mail: or speak directly to one of our staff members by calling Toll Free at 1-877-4ED-0805. We will provide you with the information needed and have you on-line within a short period of time.

To get started now CLICK HERE and go to "Application Forms." Fill out the top six forms and mail or fax them to 703-4ED-0378. You can also request forms by providing your mailing address to

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