High School Accredited Diploma Track

The High School Diploma Track offers a complete, accredited high school curriculum that allows students to get back on track and graduate with a diploma, not a GED. ED Anywhere has two High School Track Options: NOVEL and STARS.

The NOVEL ((New Options for Vocational & Educational Learning)

The NOVEL program meets the educational requirements of students at all levels and abilities. Fully approved by the nationally recognized Distance Education and Training Council, the high school curriculum is designed to meet student's needs in the manner that is most convenient to the student. Here's how the program is different... and better.

Work primarily from the comfort of home (or wherever the student may have access to a PC and the Internet). This unique program has only minimal attendance requirements for supervised classroom events, such as major tests. Students who do not own a computer or have Internet connections can attend the program at our facility in Sterling, Viginia.

Students can study at their own speed. The NOVEL approach is a self-paced instructional environment, so students complete assigned studies at their own pace using methods that have proven successful when others have not worked as well.

Students can set their own study schedule. Since NOVEL is conducted almost entirely over the Internet, students can do their class work when it is best for them--days, nights or weekends. A major benefit of the NOVEL track is that it's available to the student 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Students can communicate quickly and easily with their teachers. Students will complete assignments and submit them electronically to a regular teacher. The results will be returned to the student by secure electronic mail. When a student has questions or comments, they can communicate just as easily with their teachers through the "chat room" feature.

Earn a diploma, not a GED. Most alternative study programs result in only an equivalency diploma. That is not the case with the NOVEL track program. Here, you will earn a true high school diploma, through completion of a curriculum that is fully approved and recognized by every college and university.

ED Anywhere offers the easiest, most effective way for students to complete all of their high school graduation requirements.

STARS (Student Testing, Assessment, and Remedial System)

STARS, (Student Testing, Assessment, and Remedial System) was designed as a pro-active educational system that automatically provides testing, assessment and remedial instruction for middle and high school core subjects. STARS will enable teachers, counselors, and administrators to measure student performance on an ad-hoc and routine basis to ensure that they have mastered course-based content and are prepared to take state mandated standardized tests. The programs system's curriculum and instructional staff will be able to measure the programs performance at the student level, through STARS ability to provide individualized testing, assessment, and remedial instruction. It will enable teachers to intercede immediately in a student's educational program when conditions indicate that help is needed.

The underlying basis of the STARS system is a unique relational data base and reporting system that contains more than 100,000 test questions covering approximately 1300 lessons in 31 subject areas. This content material has been integrated within a proprietary testing and assessment system that can generate remedial instruction based on a student's individual needs. STARS provides predefined and customized tests for each subject that can be administered to students on a periodic basis during the year. Predefined tests include daily quizzes, two week tests, six week tests, midterms, and finals for each semester for more than 35 subjects in grades 7-12. Each of these tests and their assessments are correlated and linked to the learning standards to ensure that students are being tested and provided appropriate remedial instruction. The purpose of STARS is to provide teachers, counselors, and administrators with a flexible testing and performance measurement tool that can provide detailed documentation on a student's progress in core subjects for grades 7-12.

The STARS module is used by the teaching staff to instantly generate a quiz, exam, midterm, or final exam for every core subject in middle and high school and to administer the resultant test at the student or class level. Upon completion of a test, STARS will instantly grade it and return a percentage based grade to the student. It will then automatically produce a student diagnostic report that will contain instruction correlated to state standards and to the student's needs.

STARS enables the curriculum and assessment staff at the school administration level to modify the instructional lessons and test questions to conform to the school system's unique learning standards and to produce diagnostic tests and reports for students, classes, or programs. It allows them to take a "snapshot" of the academic progress of individual students, classes and programs at any time during the year and then allow the system to automatically assign remedial instruction, if help is needed. It will also produce advisory notices for students in academic trouble.

All test data collected at the classroom level is instantly available to teachers, counselors, and the programs system's administrative staff for reporting purposes. All of the raw academic data collected can be made available on an ad-hoc basis for use within other reporting systems.

The reporting system produces standard reports for use as diagnostic tools for system wide evaluation purposes. For example, if administrative personnel wish to produce a report that shows the progress of all 9th-grade Algebra I students for an eight-week period across all high schools, this report could be instantly produced by STARS. Similarly, customized reports containing unique mixes of data would be available from the relational data base employed within the STARS system.

School administrators have the capability to modify the existing instructional content and test question data base for each subject and then build standardized exams for each course. Teachers could be asked to administer these exams at specific times during the school year from which a wide range of data could be extracted that could identify problem areas at all levels. As STARS contains a multilevel reporting capability, teachers, counselors, and administrative personnel will be able to produce reports that are specific to their individual needs.

STARS contains all of the features currently provided within the NOVEL system including credit recovery, at-risk, and the mainstream module.

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