Credit Recovery Track

Credit Recovery Track

The ED Anywhere Credit Recovery Track provides a randomly generated exam based on our High School Diploma Track curriculum for the selected course. It identifies strengths and deficiencies, developing a prescription instructing and generating a lesson plan. The program allows students to work almost completely independently. The student completes the Initial Assessment, reviews all of the lessons, and then takes a Follow-Up Test. The Follow-Up Test creates a new prescription. If the student actually reviewed the lessons assigned from the first prescription, he should have fewer lessons to review on the second prescription. The student reviews the newly generated lesson plan and takes another Follow-Up Test. The student follows this same process until there are no more lessons to review.

Pre-Assessment & Challenge Testing

Assessment Testing can be performed on an as needed basis, students can be tested and gain official credits for classes taken as homeschoolers but not awarded as credits by other instituitions. If you have been homeschooled using other your own curriculum and would like to gain official credits for those classes then the Challenge Testing is perfect for you. The student will be given an Initial Assessment to measures his/her knowledge of the course. If the student passes the Initial Assessment then the credit will be awarded. If the student has not mastered or successfully passed the assessment, the students will receive an Individualized Course Outline based on the results of an Initial Assessment. The individualized course outline will consist of lessons, including submissions, in which the student failed to score at a pre-determined mastery level of 70%. In most cases, the student using this method of repeating a class can complete the pre-assessment class in half the time it would take to repeat a traditional class.

This model is best suited for the mature, independent student who will take every step to review the prescribed lessons, including going to enrichment, outside sources, and contacting the teacher if he/she is still having problems understanding the concepts in any of the lessons.

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School Officials and Counselors nationwide are turning to ED Anywhere for solutions to their academic needs in summer school, missed courses needed for graduation, homeschool, homebound, special education, alternative school programs, study hall, athletic eligibility, state standardized prep., GED prep. and much more. Call or E-mail us today for a free consultation.

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